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"We are so happy that we found Whitney upon relocating from the Midwest. She has been the perfect match for our two Bengal boys, Kitty and Tundra, who adore her! Tundra takes a bit to warm up to new friends and trusted Whitney faster than anyone else which was important to us since we want both fur babies to feel comfortable and cared for when we go away. Whitney has cared for our guys over the course of a few days and also weeks for the past year. She makes sure they are not only fed, have lots of water, clean litter boxes but also that they get plenty of treats, lots and lots of cuddles, and have some action with the feather wand toy! We tend to be nervous pet parents and love that she sends us updates, pictures, and videos. We always know that our kitties are safe, cared for, and loved when Whitney is watching them!"

-Katherine Habecker

"We wholeheartedly recommend Whitney to take care of your pets. The first time we engaged her we were on a multi-week trip to Europe and had just gotten 2 kittens only 4 months old. Whitney took care of them as if they were her own and she also went above and beyond any expectations we had. While away, the cats managed to turn on the oven and almost burned the house down; fortunately Whitney arrived just in time and realized something was wrong. She took care of the situation, turned the oven off, vented the house and secured it so it could not be turned on again. A few days later she noticed that the cats were getting too friendly with each other and alerted us of the situation. She volunteered to have the male neutered and brought him to the vet herself. We are so grateful; the last thing we wanted was to find out a month later that our female kitten was pregnant. Whitney's intervention saved us from a bad situation. She also contacted us daily via Facebook with videos of the cats so we were assured they were doing well and having fun while we were away. In addition to her professionalism, Whitney is also a pet activist and is well known in the community for her efforts to rescue cats and dogs and find homes for them. She is a wonderful human being and a very professional pet care person. You will be very satisfied with her services and commitment to your pets."

-Andrea Erickson

"Whitney is THE best! She has cared fro my animals several times when we've been away. We have two cats and two ferrets and she has taken AMAZING care of them. My mind is totally at ease when we're on vacation because I know the animals are in the best of hands. She's completely responsible and reliable, AND she is a true animal lover. So, not only are my animals getting fed, but I also know they're getting love and attention each day, which really makes a huge difference. So grateful that we've found her!"

"Whitney is quite simply the best and most caring cat sitter we’ve ever had. She sent us videos of our kitties while we were on vacation and sent daily text updates to let us know they were okay. I know that when we leave our kitties they are absolutely in the best hands—Whitney will do anything and everything to make sure that your cats are happy and healthy while you are away."

-John Sarantakis and Chris Eaton

-Robin Simon

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